Of course, there will be a lot of candy and chocolate bunnies hanging around this year as it's become pretty customary to have all of that during Easter, but what else could you and the family be doing on April 21st?

When I was a kid we didn't do much besides paint Easter eggs the night before and the Easter bunny would show up in the night or early morning and "lay" the eggs around the house and or yard depending on the weather.

Casper has stepped up their game with a bunch of family-friendly activities for this year's Easter. Make sure you go check out the full list of things going on in town at the VisitCasper site.

The Bunny run is happening April 20th at David Street Station. Which is going to be an excellent family friendly event with a chance for the younger kiddos to get outside do some physical stuff and meet the Easter bunny!

This year on the mountain, they will be having brunch and bunnies at Hogadon Ski area so if you don't want to be in town and want to get the family up in the fresh air April 21st will be the day for some yummy food and fun.

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