Marvel Comics is pushing to create heroes for each state. What sort of hero would you create for Wyoming?

In the comic-book universe, there are superheroes from all over the world. Are there any from Wyoming? Yes, there are. But the characters, sorry to say, are a little obscure so you may not know about them unless you are a comic book mega geek.

The first Wyoming superhero did not have any super powers, but he did fight along side Batman and Superman. He was a cowboy, of course. Bill Polk, the Wyoming Kid. Once Wyoming Kid cover shows the classic Wyoming Cowboy riding a bronco as Batman and Robin open the gate and Superman cheers him on. He was the son of sheep farmer during the Johnson County War. When Bill's father was murdered Bill took off after the culprit and so began his career as a crime fighter.

Another Wyoming Superhero, Vigilante is another cowboy. The original Vigilante debuted in Action Comics #42 (Nov. 1941). Greg Sanders's grandfather was a Native American fighter. His father was a sheriff in Wyoming. As a boy, Saunders moved to New York City and became a country singer, radio's "Prairie Troubadour." Greg returned to his home after his father was killed and brought justice to the bandits who killed him. The character was later portrayed in the modern television animated series of Justice League. Watch Vigilante sing a song about Batman, as Batman fights on the street at high noon. 

But not all Wyoming superheroes are cowboys, and not all are men. Meet Songbird, in the Marvel universe.

Melissa Gold (Songbird) grew up in Shoshoni, Wyoming. When she was a child her mother was sent to prison for robbery, her father was an abusive drunk. She ran away from home and grew up on the streets, adopting a life of crime to survive.

Melissa was was rescued by a criminal named Zemo who trained her and gave her Klaw's Sonic Horn. In time her powers became rather like Green Lantern of DC comics, as she can imagine whatever she wants to fight with and it will project in front of her. Melissa adopted the identity of Songbird. After the team disbanded following an altercation with the Avengers, she switched sides and became a hero. Melissa joined a new incarnation of the Thunderbolts.

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