In life there are many tough decisions you'll have to make that impact your love life.

  1. When is the right time to pop the question
  2. Deciding whether to say YES or NO
  3. Knowing when to break off a relationship
  4. Deciding if you should give the ring back
  5. Figuring out how to sell the ring after you decide to get rid of it

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching and if thinking about popping the question, be sure to check out Facebook marketplace to find the ring. Yep, that's a serious statement.

Not that I'm looking to ask anyone to marry me, but a conversation came up and rings were the topic. When you should keep the ring or give the ring back was the heated discussion.

That got me curious of how people were unloading those unwanted engagement and wedding rings. I was really shocked when I found the number of rings for sale to be so high in Central Wyoming. I did notice that some were being sold by jewelry companies, but many of them were shown displayed in homes and even on fingers.

Are Engagement And Wedding Rings Really For Sale On Facebook?

Without first hand knowledge we can't know for sure why the rings are being sold, but we all have our theories. says that selling your ring shouldn't be a spur of the moment decision because of the attached emotional connection.  If you're selling it just for money, think hard about that too. You're only going to get between 40-75% of the original value, which may not be worth the emotional rollercoaster.

If you do come to the conclusion that it's best to sell the ring, here are 3 tips to help you out from

  1. Research The Ring - At minimum, know the 4C's (Color, Clairity, Carat Weight, Cut)
  2. Do Comparative Research - Check around for comparable rings and see what they're selling for.
  3. Make Sure You're Ready - Make sure you really want to part with the ring and won't feel guilt or regret when it's gone.

The other side of the coin is buying a used ring on Facebook Marketplace. What happens if the one you're proposing to finds out you got their ring at a discounted price and it was USED? That can't be a good thing. So make good choices to avoid future issues.

Let us know how you feel about buying/selling engagement and wedding rings on Facebook.

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