Surnames used to be a much bigger deal back in the day than they are in today's society. But that doesn't mean that some people still take them quite seriously. So with that being said, I decided to go on a hunt for the most common surnames in the cowboy state.

According to the folks at good old, the top three most popular surnames in our state are Smith, Johnson, and Miller.

I am happy that I do not fall under any one of those names. But after doing a bit of digging it looks like those three are some of the most popular surnames in the entire country!

In fact, the only other surnames that even come close to those three are Williams and Anderson. Which I kind of thought that Williams would have been #1 nationwide for some reason.

So how many of you have one of the top 5 names? Or are you like me and don't fall under any of the top ones in the nation?

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