At what age can the kids stay home by themselves? It's likely that when you read this, parents, you may come unglued.

Wyoming along with 33 other states don't have a minimum age that a kid can stay at home by themselves. Yep, if you trust your 6-year-old to stay out of the cookies, not make a mess and make sure they don't let strangers in the house, they can stay at home alone.

Now, even though there is no minimum age, the National SAFEKIDS campaign recommends that kids under the age of 12 not stay alone. Especially if your child doesn't have the maturity level to be able to care for themselves. says that kids under 7 may not think rationally or logically when a tough decision arises. Kids 7-10 aren't ready to self-supervise for an extended period but may be ok for a short time after school. Kids older than 10 should be capable of handling being home alone or even babysitting younger siblings, but every kid is different.

There are only 4 states that have a minimum age for the kids to stay home alone. Maryland (8), North Carolina (8), New Mexico (11) and Oregon (10). 9 states offer a suggested minimum age, but it is just a guideline for parents.

If your kids take care of themselves for a couple hours every day, you may want to take advice from iMom, a motherhood program of the non-profit organization Family First, and have a fairly strict set of 'home alone' rules that the kids can follow.

Some of the 'home alone' rules iMom recommends

  1. No Guests
  2. Do Not Open the Door For Anyone
  3. Keep Doors locked
  4. Do Not Leave the House
  5. Only Answer Calls from Family
  6. If Emergency Call 9-1-1 First, Them Mom
  7. Get Along with Siblings
  8. Don't tell anyone you're alone
  9. Do your homework and chores
  10. Check in with mom

It seems like an easy list, but if you trust your kids to stay home, they should be fine. What age do you think is appropriate for kids to stay alone? Let us know at our app.

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