Every July, the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo comes to town - and almost every year a really gnarly thunderstorm rolls in during that week. Where are the storms this week?

I have lived in Casper for about 30 years. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a kick-ass storm during the week of the fair every year. It was almost like a tradition and was always anticipated. Seriously, it was like the fair was a magnet for storms. This has not been the case the past few years.

I love to watch thunderstorms. I always look forward to fair week for that reason alone. Where have all the thunderstorms gone? I don't have the answer unfortunately.

I understand that these large storms would temporarily shut down the rides at the fair and that bummed a lot of people out, but they also cooled everything down. We all know that fair week is always a scorcher and that 20 minutes of cold rain and super cooled drafts was a welcome relief. The last fair week storm I remember was in 2013. That is when the image from above was taken.

Even if I was not attending the fair the night of the storm, I was excited to watch. Come on weather, get with it!

Sigh. Fingers crossed for next year.

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