You have made it another lap around the sun! A whole ‘nother 365 days. Birthdays are most people’s favorite “holiday”, as it should be you are a national treasure. You deserve to be treated and spoiled how you want to be. You know what tastes better than cake on your birthday? Free Cake! There are many restaurants in Casper who recognize how special you are too, and as a reward for gracing them with your presence, they thank you with discounted or free things!  

It’s fun to throw your friends under the bus on their birthday. Not many people love the attention they receive from the whole restaurant when the lovely waitstaff come out to sing, in their prettiest voices, their own clever rendition of “Happy Birthday”. I personally love letting the waiter know when it’s my friend’s birthday, because usually their suffering is compensated with a free dessert... Worth it. 


Mcdonalds: Free Happy Meal 

Olive garden: Free Dessert item 

Outback: Free kid sized vanilla sunday 

Pizza hutt: Cinnamon sticks 

Red Lobster: Freebie chosen at random 

Sonic: Chosen at random 

Starbucks: Item of choice 

Taco Bell: Free Baja Blast Freeze 

Taco johns: Members Free Dessert 

Silver Fox: Free Dessert item of choice  

Texas Roadhouse: Appetizer, plus a ride on the saddle 

J’s Pub and Grill, Firerock, Wyoming Ale Works: a 20$ birthday certificate 

Cheese Barrel: 10% discount  

Cold stone: Club members get a mailed coupon  

Racca’s Pizzeria: Free Nutella pizza  

Village Inn: Free pie for club members  

The branding iron: Free dessert 

Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know!  

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