If you don't watch the HBO series "Game of Thrones", this story will seem completely ridiculous to you.

The travel and entertainment website Thrillist recently published a list ranking "The Best Game of Thrones Character For Each State".

Can you guess which character they think best represents the Cowboy State?

If you guessed Tywin Lannister, congratulations, you know your show.

According to the Thrillist list, Lannister and Wyoming are both "cold, but cunning", "old, but handsome" and "would definitely shoot someone in the face while hunting".

As for our neighboring states, the article suggests that the athletic and wealthy Jorah Mormont would best represent Colorado. Brienne of Tarth was chosen as the character most like Nebraska. Ned Stark represents South Dakota. Utah's character was, fittingly, the polygamist Craster. And Montana is simply represented by "The Mountain" Gregor Clagane.