You may be snowed in on a small street.

You may be waiting for city crews to plow your snowed-in small street.

You may want to hitch a blade to your pickup and plow your snowed-in small street yourself.

Please don't, the city's parks director said Thursday.

The City of Casper does not have an ordinance prohibiting private plowing of streets, Dan Coryell said.

But doing it yourself can cause problems, Coryell said.

"We really don't allow that, we don't like that to happen," said Coryell, whose division is working with streets division to clear the streets after Sunday's snow storm and the insufferable high winds Monday and Tuesday.

Privately clearing streets creates a liability hazard if the plower damages someone else's property or parked car, Coryell said. If a city driver hits a parked car, the city is responsible, he said.

Plowing may also create snow rows when they plow the streets themselves that lead to drifting and can cause problems for further clean-up, Coryell said.

The snow road on a side street may turn into a block of ice by the time city crews arrive to clear that street, he added. "It's going to stay there and stay there, and it won't melt."

But if residents on a street all agree someone should privately plow the snow, deposit it on someone's yard and not create a snow row, Coryell said the only remaining problem is the liability.

But then again, it's not illegal.

City crews plow the main arterial streets first, and then turn their attention to the side streets.

People can call or email the city to request crews clear their streets, and the city is responding, Coryell said. "We're in those side streets now taking those calls."

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