The White House said it disagrees "strenuously" with a budget analysis of the Republican health care plan.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said it will cover more individuals and lower costs.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office analysts projected Monday that 14 million Americans would lose coverage next year under House Republican legislation remaking the nation's health care system.

The CBO added that figure would grow to 24 million by 2026.

But Price said the administration disagrees "strenuously with the report that was put out."

Price complained the CBO only looked at the House bill, and not the two other parts of their three-phase plan.

As for the estimate that 14 million people would lose coverage, he said, "It's just not believable is what we would suggest."

House Speaker Paul Ryan also defended the GOP health care bill, saying it will lower premiums and improve "access to quality, affordable care."

The Wisconsin Republican said the CBO analysis did not take into account additional steps the GOP-led Congress and President Donald Trump's administration would take to lower costs and increase choices.

Ryan rejected what he called the one-size-fits-all coverage of the Affordable Care Act, the existing law passed under President Barack Obama in 2010.
Republican leaders also said coverage statistics are misleading because many people covered under the ACA have high out-of-pocket costs that make health care unaffordable.

However, the projections gave fuel to opponents who warn the measure would toss millions of voters off insurance plans.

Criticism has come from Democrats, Republicans from states that benefit from the Affordable Care Act and many corners of the health-care industry.

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