In the video below, you will see what I first noticed while driving north back from having breakfast at The Virginian in Medicine Bow Wyoming. 

Frankly, I was getting bored while driving. The highway ran perfectly straight for a many miles. Snow fences - so many snow fences. Then, finally, a sharp turn to the west, right before county roads 4 and 6.

That is when I saw it and I sat up straight in my seat. Was it natural, man made, or an illusion?

Highway 487 was still straight enough on this leg but I was having trouble keeping it between the lines as I looked out in the distance ahead of me. Was I really seeing THIS?

The highway then made a sharp dive down, curving between the folds in the landscape. All the way down I was able to keep my eyes on it. It was getting closer.

It seemed to be a perfect pyramid. There was a separate cap at the top, as if windows had been installed. Maybe a balcony. The view from the highway was clear. This was a pyramid.

I laughed a little, imagining the show Ancient Aliens coming out this way to shoot an episode.

Despite what some foolish theorist might try and tell you, pyramids do, occasionally, happen naturally. Was this the case here, I wondered?

Right about them I turned the corner just past the only state rest area on 487. It was at this point the pyramid began losing its shape. Just past the highway 77 junction is when I was finally able to spot the illusion I had been following the entire way.

You'll be able to see it, too, in the video below.

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