Everyone in Wyoming is familiar with the famous bucking horse and rider trademark logo and symbol on our license plates and other elements to Wyoming.  But do you know the story of the symbol?  Who is the bucking bronco on the Wyoming license plate?

Wyoming has a rich history.  It is only fitting to know the origin of our famous Wyoming icon.  The horse is professed to be the infamous Steamboat, a star in bucking bronco contests from 1901 until 1914.  The horse was called Steamboat because his snort sounded more like a steamboat than it did a horse.  The rider is believed to be a depiction of Landerite Albert Jerome "Stub" Farlow.  There has been much debate over the years about the identities of the horse and the rider.  Sources at the University of Wyoming claim that it is Guy Holt holding on for dear life atop of Steamboat.  But that is refuted by many Wyomingites who stick to Albert Jerome "Stub" Farlow as the rider.  So the horse is agreed upon, but the rider still remains in debate.  I think it is more fun that way.  There is nothing wrong with a mystery rider to fuel the never ending quest for the true answer.  We may never know, and that is ok.

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