You have most likely encountered 'The Circle Game' while attending middle school or high school. I have noticed a this "game" getting a resurgence of popularity on social media recently, but I cannot understand why.

For those unfamiliar, 'The Circle Game' is where a person gets another person to unknowingly look at their hand making a circle below the waist. The 'trickery' is all in the set up and how creatively you can get the person to look at said circle.

When others 'played' this at my school, the person who looked at the circle received a punch in the arm. The whole idea was to either punch someone in the arm, or avoid getting punched. Not a clever game by any means, but hey it was middle school.

Now I am seeing this "prank" being pulled in my Facebook news feed dozens of times a day.

Why is this making a comeback and why is it on Facebook?

Since the whole idea (to me anyways) was to punch your friend, where is the satisfaction of doing that on Facebook? Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating violence and saying that everyone should start punching each other. I've just never been into the "made you look" style of shenanigans. It just doesn't seem to be worth anyone's time. Then again, if you are on constantly on Facebook, you might have a lot of "worthy" time to spare.

Not trying to ruin anyone's fun or rain on any parades, I just don't get the fun in it on social media. Maybe I should just give into my friends' attempts? Maybe I should pay less attention to the things my friends do on Facebook? Maybe I should get new friends? All things to ponder.

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