Sometimes you find Wyoming related items in the least likely of places. Take this video from Coldplay. It was filmed in England and showcases a BMW with Wyoming license plates on it. No one has an explanation of why. Watching the video, this is the only car where you can easily read the tags. There are a few other automobiles in the video, but each time they are in the frame, the plates are blurred or only seen for a fraction of a second. The song is obviously about a girl, was the girl from the Cowboy State? Or is it just a coincidence? We may never know why.

The video, The Scientist, uses a reverse narration. It starts at the end and literally, much like the line in the song, goes back to the start. The singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, rehearsed lipsyncing the words in reverse. That way when the recording is played backward, it appears he is singing while the world behind him moves backward.

The end of the video clearly shows the Wyoming plates as it fades to black. There are no answers to why. The band or producers aren't talking. On the Coldplay Wiki page they wrote:

Though it was filmed in England, the car driven in the music video features a Wyoming license plate which had a design that was in use from 1983 to 1988 (although the car itself is right-hand drive). The vehicle in the video was a BMW E28 5-series, manufactured from 1982 to 1988.

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