Cabin fever strikes us all. We start to miss all the activities we do during construction season-er uh... “summer”. To avoid said construction, and still enjoy the outdoors there are many things that I had not done until I had moved to Wyoming. Moving here at a young age I spent most of my life here in Casper, and I got to enjoy many things that were unavailable to me, or I just had not even thought to do.

This winter has been an odd one for sure. We’ve seen surprisingly little snow, but it’s still way too cold to go out and do our fun things. That feels almost more painful. To go outside and feel the bite of our “best-friend” Wind, making our outdoor events unbearable. I will concede to being a major cold wimp, but even when some of the burliest, blue collar, men (and women) I know are bundled to the teeth purely to avoid the bitter wind I know it's bad out.

Given that not all our fun things happen fully indoors, sitting next to an open window on a warm summer night is unmatched, and it feels like you’re living a country song where you don’t lose your house, dog, or truck. I feel like it’s natural for young adults to just not hate the city they live in. It doesn’t really matter where you live, you may feel like there may be nothing to do, but luckily cabin fever will remind you of what you’re missing out on.

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