Having lived all over the country, I've become a pro at having to find good prices on auto insurance. Wyoming is known for many great things and having cheaper auto insurance is definitely not one of them.

In the state of Wyoming if you're under 40, the insurance prices probably aren't that great for you. If you have accidents or tickets, it's more than likely even more sky high. Good news though, as you get older, it seems to go down and be more reasonable.

One of the main reasons Wyoming has higher insurance is because many of the drivers in the state have a 'not so clean' driving record. I was a bit shocked when I saw some of the statistics put out by online insurance broker, Insurify.

What this company does is shops around the web to get you the lowest insurance rate they can. Taking into account any mishaps on your record and seeing if they can get you a better deal. In this state, any help you can get is needed.

On average, Wyomingites pay $149/month and $1793/year for vehicle insurance. Looking into some of Wyoming's driving stats, if you wonder how Wyoming has the 45th most expensive rates, check this out. .

Out of all 50 states, Wyoming ranks:

#1 as being the rudest drivers state.

#2 in most DUI's

#4 in street racing (didn't know that was a thing in Wyoming)

#7 in moving violations

#9 Reckless drivers 

#10 in both most speeding tickets and most suspended licenses.

#44 in drivers with clean driving records.

The Cowboy State isn't at the top of the bad list for some of the categories, though.

#30 in number of car accidents per driver

#49 in percent of drivers driving an electric car

The most popular vehicle in Wyoming is the Ford F-Series Trucks.

Best advice is to slow down, don't drink and drive, keep your eyes peeled when driving and stop racing. That may help all of us when it comes to having to get car insurance.

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