The Roomba robotic vacuum is a great tool for families on the go, who don't have a lot of time to clean house.  The Roomba will leave it's docking station and go on a dirt patrol around the house while you are at work or out and about.  When you arrive home you will have clean floors without any effort.  How great is that!  However, if you own a dog you may find out the hard way how not great it can be.

This poor guy arrives home expecting to see nice clean floors, but was quickly reminded that he owns a dog.  The Roomba vacuums will do a great job picking up dirt and dust, but they stand no chance against the remnants of a dogs last meal.  The vacuum plows through the mess, takes it with everywhere it goes, and leaves a trail of unhappiness all through out the house.  It's bad enough to come home and find a present your dog has left for you.  It's a lot worse to come home and find that the appliance you had spent big bucks on had tracked it all over your house.  This is why you should reconsider buying an automatic vacuum if you own pets.

If you own a dog, you know the importance of cleaning up after them.  Not only inside, but outside.  Dog poop that hasn’t been picked up can be washed into storm drains, nearby waterways – and can be a major source of bacteria and parasites. (Plus, it’s really not fun to step in.)  We need your help finding the official 2013 spokesdog for the City’s “Scoop The Poop” campaign – this lucky canine will be plastered around town on billboards, plus receive an amazing portrait session and print from LightAlive Photography, and a $100 gift card from K&M Pet Products!