In celebration of America's most famous illusionist, Harry Houdini, a series of events have been planned in Eureka Springs Arkansas for the month of October.

Almost everyone has heard of Harry Houdini.  Houdini is still one of the most famous illusionists/escape artists in history.  Harry Houdini was a great believer in the spiritual world, but in his hopes of contacting his dead mother, Houdini spent the last 13 years of his life debunking frauds and fakes that pretended to be able to contact those that have gone to the other side.

Harry never lost his faith in the spirit world, and promised his wife that "he would escape death."  Houdini died on Oct. 31, 1926.  His wife would hold a seance on the date of his death for 10 years following his passing, then gave up. (She said 10 years was long enough to wait on any man.)

For years believers have tried to contact Houdini's spirit on the anniversary of his death, and a few claim they have made contact.  Master illusionist Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater thinks that maybe holding the Houdini seance at the most haunted hotel in America, will increase the chances of making contact this year, and he has scheduled a number of Houdini inspired events leading up to Halloween, and the anniversary of the Great Houdini's death.

Crescent Hotel

The first is the "Extraordinary Escape #1" scheduled for noon, Thursday, Oct. 4, at "America's Most Haunted Hotel" - The Crescent Hotel.

Illusionist Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater will channel the spirit of Houdini when he is put in a strait jacket from the department of corrections, it will be inspected by the Eureka Springs P.D. for verification of authenticity, he will then be hoisted by his feet, 70 feet in the air, and suspended from a plank off of the Crescent Hotel's observation deck.

One thing that makes this stunt truly unique is that Sean-Paul will perform above the location where several deaths from falls have occured, including the Crescent's most famous ghost Michael, who died in a fall during the hotel's construction.

There are more events planned in the month of October also. "Extraordinary Escape #2 is planned for Saturday, Oct. 20, (if Sean Paul survives Escape #1), and the "Houdini Seance" is scheduled for Halloween, Oct. 31.

Master illusionist Sean-Paul (Photo by Purdy Art Co.)

We talked with Sean-Paul about the scheduled events, Intrigue Theater, Houdini, and more... listen.

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