The Wyoming Game and Fish & Transportation Departments teamed up to do a rehabilitation project to help the fishing in Clear Creek near Buffalo, WY. Over the years a section of the creek has been keeping the fish from coming back and spawning in the area, causing the population to be down in this particular area.

The project has been in the works for many years and eliminated an 11 foot tall grade control structure that happened to be the main problem in allowing the fish to return. Another issue in this particular part of Clear Creek is that during the summer and fall seasons of the year, the stream level drops and leaves the rainbow and brown trout with minimal cover to protect them from the warm/ hot temperatures.

The project is expected to open up 10 miles of Clear Creek giving much needed habitat to fish and the anglers that enjoy catching them.

clear creek fish
Game and Fish Department via YouTube

Most of the $530,000 in funding came from the Wyoming Department of Transportation with additional funding coming from the Clear Creek Conservation district, Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust and many other partners that chipped in to help complete the project.

Clear creek runs off of the Powder River which flows from eastern Wyoming to the Yellowstone River. If you've driven into Buffalo on I-25 you've crossed over the area that had the work done.

Every year major conservation and habitat projects are completed by Game and Fish to assure the fishing and hunting in Wyoming are the best they can be. Learn more and see all of the work that has been done on this project in this video from Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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