Imagine peeling a banana for a snack only to find that hundreds of little spiders are starting to hatch on it. Now imagine that those spiders are the most venomous on the planet... that's what happened to this lady.

Consi Taylor of London had began eating a banana when she noticed a strange white spot on it, at first she though it was mold, but after a closer inspection she realized that it was not mold... it was hatching spiders!

She told the Sun,

I had a closer look and was horrified to see they were spiders. They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet."

She took the bananas back to the store where she had purchased them and was given a refund, but after sending a photo of the spiders to a pest control company she was told to get her and her family out of the house as quickly as possible because it could be infested with "Brazilian Wandering Spiders"... named by Guiness as the "most venomous spider" in the world in 2010.

Sometimes called a "banana spider" the Brazilian Wandering Spider is very aggressive, and their venom will cause paralysis, breathing problems, and eventually asphyxiation. The spiders commonly hide in banana plants, and are usually found in South and Central America.

The store that sold the bananas has put the family up in a hotel and are paying all costs to tend to their needs, and are having the family's home fumigated to kill any of the spiders that may have been left behind.

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