The bond we share with dogs is strong, but is it strong enough to come before a relationship?

Finally, you have found your soulmate. This person gets you and they love you despite your flaws. They want to summer at the beach and see your parents over the holidays. They have drive, passion and want nothing more than to do life with you.

But they don't love your dog...

Does that ruin the relationship for you? Do you walk out the door? This person could be your soulmate, but they don't like the fur ball that has been with you since college. What do you do?

According to a survey conducted by the dog-walking service, Wag! most people would end things with that person. In fact, a whopping four out of five dog owners would choose their four-legged friend over their two-legged lover.

That's 86%!

What would you do in this situation? Would you try to make things work? Isn't this the reason why the phrase "must love dogs" exists on dating websites? Take our quick, one-question poll below...

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