Not every job is what you thought it would be and today most people who advertise a new position over glamorize what exactly you'll be doing for 7-8+ hours a day. But I may have stumbled upon the best dream job if you're a fan of chocolate.

Tony's Chocolonely will pay your salary and give you as much free chocolate as you can stand to eat in an effort to help end the inequality within the chocolate industry. I know you may be asking yourself what kind of inequality is happening with such a delicious product?

Well believe it or not over in West Africa there is a huge issue with inequality and child labor happening right now. So Tony's Chocolonely wants to get the word out and start helping in the only way they can which is to provide a wide variety of their product to the U.S.

Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that if you do end up with one of these jobs you'll also get benefits that include spa days, massages, and weekly yoga sessions.

The only question left to ask is, are you willing to be the Choco-Captian?

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