Today at 5 p.m., Wyoming hosts Coastal Carolina in the final game of the CBI Championship Series and Pokes Head Coach Allen Edwards wants you to leave work early.

Last night, Edwards posted a toungue-in-cheek "excuse note" on the Wyoming Cowboys Facebook page..

"Dear _________ (Insert employer name here),

To maximize the electric atmosphere that our fans create in the Dome of Doom, we would greatly appreciate it if you would allow __________ (insert your name here) to leave work early. It is in everyone's best interest that he/she arrive to the Arena-Auditorium on time and safely. 

Additionally, please excuse any decrease in productivity (today), for this is merely a side effect of _______'s (insert your name here) overwhelming excitement. All Cowboy fans are currently experiencing this inability to focus on work, but we assure you this in only temporary (we think). 

We can confidently say that this game will be one you won't want to miss, so we recommend that you go ahead and take the afternoon off as well and join everyone in Laramie for this historic event. 



Allen Edwards"

Here's the link to print out Coach Edwards' "excuse note".

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