There are quite a few dangerous intersections in Casper, but in my humble opinion, the Eastridge Mall entrance at Wyoming Boulevard and Carriage Lane is one of the worst.

Yes, there is a light there, but considering there is a school there, I think it would greatly benefit from having a left turn traffic light installed. After a recent fender bender at the intersection, I had a chance to talk with several of the residents of the neighborhood, all of whom shared my opinion.

One of the issues is traffic leaving the mall are only legally allowed to turn left or right, they're not supposed to go straight (through Carriage Lane). The problem is it happens all too often. This is the main reason I think there needs to be left turn signalling traffic light there.

Another issue, and this happens on all of Casper's main roads (like CY, Wyoming Blvd, Poplar, 2nd Street, etc.), but when the speed limit is 40 mph, there are way too many drivers that attempt to "beat" the lights. This of course can't be helped by any type of signage or light, but Casperites do need to be aware and drive more safely (as a whole).

So the question is:

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