Wyoming Direct TV subscribers may have to leave their living rooms to watch the Super Bowl this year.  Since local channels are not offered to Wyoming customers, those hoping to watch the game are left with few options.

Wyoming Direct TV subscribers have a few options to watch the big game on Sunday.  They can purchase a digital antenna, watch at a bar or party, or pay Direct TV $5 extra every month to receive the CBS Los Angeles affiliate, and that's if they qualify.  Direct TV currently serves 196 national markets. Wyoming is one of few where local channels aren't offered or made available to customers.  For local stations to become available, Direct TV would need to build a fiber-optic infrastructure in Wyoming, which Direct TV spokesman Robert Mercer said would be a "considerable" cost.  “The market is so small for Direct TV that they think it’s not worth it,”   Mark Nalbone, part owner of the Wyoming CBS affiliate and consultant for the ABC, FOX and CW affiliates for the Casper and Cheyenne, told the Casper Star Tribune.  “When you look at the total number of households that this market has, it’s less than 1 percent of the nation’s TV owners. Direct TV doesn’t think it’s worth it. DISH thinks it’s worth it.”  

Almost all of Direct TV’s competitors offer local programming.  Yet, there is no law that requires Direct TV to offer local channels. The Federal Communications Commission(FCC)  and Direct TV recommend customers buy a digital antenna if they want to watch local channels.  So if you are a direct TV subscriber, you may want to start making other plan for the Super Bowl if you have not done so already.

Watching the game somewhere besides home?  Here are some choices for you.



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