Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies needs 5-10 able bodied volunteers to help pull food, organize produce and build orders. The Sheep Herder Fire has  increased their workload, yet they still need to get food out to the rest of the state.At present they have a request in front of the City Council for a 2.5 million gift toward the new Wyoming Food Bank. The public is invited to show support by writing letters to the editor, calling on their council people, and attending the public forum on September 18th at 6 pm in the city council chambers.

The food bank is at capacity and needs more room to move more food to feed more people. The city of Casper's fair share is 25% of the campaign, because more than 25% of their business is in Casper. Nearly 40 partner agencies in Casper benefit from Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies.

Casper receives the freshest produce, the storage needs are significantly less as the food bank stores the food at their warehouse for them. All of the food banks special programs are piloted in Casper.

If you're interested in volunteering time to the food bank, contact Jamie Purcell,  Director of Development & Marketing at (307) 267-2421.


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