Wyoming game wardens in the Sheridan have rescued at least two moose this fall.

According to a news release, Sheridan Game Warden Ryan Kenneda was on patrol on state land in early October when he encountered a cow moose stuck in a fence.

Game and Fish says the moose unsuccessfully attempted to cross the fence and had three legs tangled in it.

Kenneda was able to remove the wires from the animal's leg and it was quickly able to stand and move on its own.

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It's since been spotted in the area with its calf and appears to have no lasting injuries.

Days later, a hunter alerted Game and Fish personnel of a bull moose in the Bighorn National Forest that appeared shot or injured. When personnel responded, they found the moose had walked between two large saplings, lost its footing and fell.

In the process of falling, the moose slid under a fallen tree. Though mobile, the moose couldn't get traction and on its feet.

Kennda, along with Sheridan Wildlife Biologist Tim Thomas, Sheridan Fisheries Supervisor Paul Mavrakis and Fisheries Technician Nathan Jackson, removed the obstructions and checked the animal for injuries.

Two hours later, it had recovered and left the area.

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