She beat out 5000 other entries to win!

We first brought you Aubree Jones after passing her driving down the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

She's a great girl, easy to talk to, and was more than happy to share with folks across Wyoming photos of her and her Thunderbird.

Aubree travels the nation entering car shows, representing Wyoming.

Now Mike Brewing Motoring has featured our Wyoming girl on their front page.

attachment-Aurbree Jones

If you're into cars, you know who Mike Brewing is. If you're not, trust me, it's a big deal.

The introduce here with the SPLASH TITLE!

"Princesses of the pageant: pin-up girl Aubree Jones tells Charlotte Vowden why her American car – a regal Dusk Rose Thunderbird is a life-changing lucky charm."

Over 5,000 names were suggested for this retro-futurist American car, but Ford stylist Alden Giberson came up with the winner over his morning coffee. It was revealed to the public as the Thunderbird at Detroit’s first post-war auto show in 1954, but for Aubree Jones, the decision was much easier, because her ’57 T-Bird’s elegant and iconic fifties style reminded her of her late grandmother, Edith.

You'll want to visit the Mike Brewing Motoring website to read their interview with our girl Aubree. They dig into her passion for cars, her car, and why she loves dressing up and touring the nation.

If you missed our local Wyoming post about Aubree, it's below.

Look for her surprising us on the streets of Wyoming towns and at local car shows. Ask her to pose with you or for you for a picture and she won't say no.

Who Is That Wyoming Girl In That Dusk Rose Thunderbird?

Wyoming Has Polish MiGs for Ukraine

Not long after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the was talk of Poland giving Ukraine some of their MiG fighter planes.

Poland is now part of NATO. So they were willing to part with the older Russian planes for newer and more hi-tech Western planes.

For several reasons, the deal fell through. Ukraine will not get the planes.

HEY Ukraine!
If you're still interested, Wyoming has a few old Polish MiGs we would be happy to give you.

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