Icy bridge decks caused five wrecks in one hour on Monday.

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That's according to a release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, who wrote that "On October 24, 2022, WHP Troopers responded to five motor vehicle crashes with injuries within an hour on the Interstate 25 corridor in Casper. Most of these crashes were due to icy bridge decks."

Monday was exceptionally cold in the early morning hours, which led to slippery roads and numerous accidents.

"The Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) would like to remind motorists to be alert when approaching and driving on icy bridge decks, overpasses, and ramps with the temperatures getting colder," the WHP wrote. "Driving surfaces on bridges can freeze sooner than the rest of the roadway. This is due to the elevated roadways not being insulated. This is especially true in the early morning and late evening hours."

The Wyoming Highway Patrol reminded drivers to use extreme caution when driving in winter conditions.

"With the temperatures getting colder and winter approaching, please do not use cruise control and leave adequate stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you," they wrote.

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