In Wyoming, we know how to ice fish. This is not how it's done. A guy tried to use a fancy automated reel and it didn't end well.

Maybe you've heard about the Automatic Fisherman. It's a handy rod holder that can be used for ice fishing. It'll cost you around $50 through the official website.

Automatic Fisherman
Automatic Fisherman

The guy in the video above should know now that you shouldn't leave your automatic fisherman in the middle of the lake unattended. Once the fish hits your line, the fish now owns an automatic fisherman.

I suspect this video may have been staged as I'm pretty sure no real fisherman would be dumb enough to try this. Plus, he had the camera rolling, so there's that.

I do know one thing for sure. If this is real, the guy isn't from Wyoming. We know how to ice fish around these parts.

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