If you're not thrilled about a summer job, maybe this is actually good news.

Many of us look back on summer vacation longingly. We remember the three solid months of freedom with nothing to do but catch a tan. I was fortunate enough to spend summers like this, but when I got my license I actually enjoyed the idea of making some extra money during those months. Looking back, it also provided me with some structure. Plus, I worked in a cute little old fashioned candy store which was a hot spot for tourists.

Not every city is equipped for the rush of summer employment and unfortunately Wyoming's cities are struggling a bit.

WalletHub recently compiled a list of the Best Places for Summer Jobs and Wyoming landed two cities fairly low on the list. Casper came in at number 166 and Cheyenne found itself at number 171 out of 182 cities. The factors that WalletHub looked at were the youth job market, the social environment, and affordability, among others. What it really comes down to is a delicate balance between what you make and what things cost...

Minimum-wage laws and local costs, for instance, will determine how much you earn and consequently what you’ll be able to afford in terms of housing, transportation and social activities.

In other words, a summer job may not pay you enough to compensate for the gas you're burning to get there each day. Those who are serious about a summer job should find something that strikes up a proper balance. For others, this may be the perfect excuse to not work in the summer months.

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