We're on the list, but you may argue with the states that are above us.

When I was a little girl, I fantasized about being a cowgirl. I would wear my boots (with my sundresses, of course) and ride around on my bicycle pretending it was a horse. I was a major bike accident waiting to happen, but it was in those moment that I felt most free. Now, donning some boots and riding a horse definitely doesn't automatically make you a cowboy, does it? It's not a fashion sense, but rather a lifestyle.

And it's real work.

The cowboys culture is also alive and well in this country, not just in Wyoming, but in many states in this great nation of ours. Wide Open Country reminded us of this with their list 15 Places in the US Where Cowboy Culture is Alive and Well. I'll be honest with you that I don't agree with every state on their list, but then again that's only because I haven't witnessed it for myself.

Here are their top 15 cowboy states:

15. Louisiana
14. The Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)
13. Arizona
12. New Mexico
11. Oklahoma
10. Florida
9. South Dakota
8. North Dakota
7. Wyoming
6. Montana
5. Colorado
4. Iowa
3. Utah
2. Kansas
1. Texas

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