If you're a fan of smelling like the outdoors and more importantly giving off that "manly" odor then boy oh boy did I just stumble across the perfect soap for you.

This company claims that their soap can make you smell like campfire, whiskey, and gunpowder. I mean really what's more manly than that? Now most of us in Wyoming just naturally give off this smell because of what we do in our free time, which generally includes all three of those things.

Amazon via Outlaw Soaps
Amazon via Outlaw Soaps

Some people who move here just want to pretend to do those things and love the smell, who can blame them right? For those of you wondering if it actually does clean your body the company does claim that it leaves your skin silky smooth due to all of the different avocado oils and coconut oils, it's made with.

I did do some further research on their website and it appears as though the scent doesn't last all that long, which is kind of a bummer. I don't want to be taking 2-3 showers a day to keep up with my manly smell. I'd rather go camping for two days and smell that way for a week.

If this sounds like something your dad would love for fathers day, you can learn more at Outlaw soaps.  

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