A new film, making its way through the festival circuit currently, is starting to gain attention from entertainment journalists and film critics alike.  Escape From Tomorrow is a movie that was shot largely in both the Disneyland and Disney World theme parks without the knowledge of Disney itself.

The film is said to be an artistic film about a man having a mental breakdown on the final day of a Disney theme park vacation.  The film is shot in black and white and the trailer, released this week, seems to show surreal visuals of a man losing grips on sanity.

Being a film that was shot under Disney's nose without the mega entertainment giant knowing gained the attention of several industry journalists and bloggers when the film premiered as one of the most talked about films of the Sundance Film Festival this year.  It has received some critical acclaim and is currently running at an 83% "Fresh" rating at the film criticism website RottenTomatoes.com.

Two crew members on the film, Justin Shell (camera) and Lucas Lee Graham (cinematographer) have roots based in Wyoming.  Both men lived in Casper and graduated from Natrona County High School.  Both also participated in a popular film production program at NCHS called NCTV.

One of the men, Graham, was able to do a phone interview with K2 Radio News Center reporter Trevor T. Trujillo about his career since leaving Casper and his reactions to working on a controversial film that's catching quite a bit of attention.  You can listen to that interview below.

Escape From Tomorrow is currently on the film festival circuit, but will see a limited theatrical release as well as a release on several Video On Demand platforms on October 14th.  Graham does warn, however, that the film contains mature content and themes and may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive audiences.