The National Safety Council reports that motor-vehicle deaths up 6 percent (over 37,000) in 2016. While some factors like weather, road conditions and the number of other drivers may be out of the driver’s control, 24/7 Wall St. says choosing to speed or text while driving is well within driver’s authority.

Rating 140,000 drivers using the EverDrive app that tracks driving habits, they ranked the states with the safest drivers. Our neighbor to the north got top honors.

1    Montana
2    Wyoming
3    Alaska
4    South Dakota
5    Vermont
6    North Dakota

7    Idaho
8    Kansas
9    Minnesota
10  Iowa

“2. Wyoming
Phone use rate: 34.0% of trips (10th lowest)
Speeding rate: 24.0% of trips (7th lowest)
2016 motor vehicle deaths per 100M miles: 1.51 (6th most)
Seat belt use: 80% of trips (tied — 6th lowest)”


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