This weekend we celebrate taking care of out planet. Unfortunately, Wyoming has some serious work to do compared to the rest of the country.

This Sunday is Earth Day 2018. It's a day in which we celebrate our home, but also roll up our sleeves and get to work taking care of it. After all, this place takes care of us 365 days a year. You'll see plenty of opportunities around the area to help out.

Recently, WalletHub put some states' feet to the fire by publishing a list of the Greenest States in 2018.

Obviously if you're not one of the greenest states out there, then you probably should be doing more. And by "you", I mean "us" because Wyoming landed in the bottom 10. This is not a good look for us.

WalletHub looked at areas like LEED-certified buildings per Capita, energy consumption, and renewable sources, among others. Our area brought in some of the worst numbers in those categories along with gasoline consumption and soil quality. We do however, have the highest air quality out of anyone out there. Boom!

Here are the Greenest States:

1. Vermont
2. Oregon
3. Massachusetts
4. New York
5. South Dakota
6. Minnesota
7. Connecticut
8. New Hampshire
9. California
10. Rhode Island

Here are the Least Green States:

41. Arkansas
42. Indiana
43. Texas
44. Oklahoma
45. Wyoming
46. Alabama
47. North Dakota
48. Kentucky
49. Louisiana
50. West Virginia

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