In the age of social media, the passing of wrong information high skyrocketed and a Gillette, Wyoming Rancher and star of "Our Wyoming Life" is out to educate the internet about MEAT!

It's amazing to me how many people are not responsible about what they share on their socials. One misinformed tweet, Facebook post or Instagram story can ruin someone's life, all because they didn't take two minutes to see if the information they're sending is true. In the video, Mike Galloway shuts down wrong information that social media spreads about our beloved meat.

Many of the rumors and the wrong information can be corrected with a quick phone call or trip to the grocery store. At 2:30 of the video Mike tells the story of a Facebook user that said she was shopping at a grocery store and asked the butcher why meat was in different colored packaging. The answer she SAID she was given was it had to do with domestic vs. international processing and that the white packages are shipped internationally before being shipped back and put on the store shelves? Mike says that post was shared 80,000 times and viewed by millions! All it took was a quick call to his local grocery store to find that the story the Facebook user told...was false. SO, millions of people were misinformed and angry about a FALSE story.

I LOVE meat and get bothered when people THINK they are informed on Social Media, but they HAVE NO CLUE what they're talking about. In Wyoming, beef is a BILLION dollar industry and one of the top 15 in beef cattle in the United States. When you spread false information about beef, you mess with Wyoming's way of life. I encourage you to watch the video and get the correct information circulating around Falsebook!


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