The Cowboy State has once again scored in the bottom portion of the country, but this time it's for our dating pool (or lack thereof).

A recent study conducted by Wallethub has Wyoming listed as the 46th worst state for singles. Only New Mexico, North Dakota, Arkansas and West Virginia scored lower.

To make matters worse, Wyoming also landed near the bottom (48th) for two other metrics: the lowest share of single adults and fewest restaurants per capita.

Source: WalletHub

While we totally understand having the lowest population of all the states more than likely played a big part in this study, we do wonder about some of the other methodology used. According to the study, the 3 key metrics were:

  1. Dating Economics
  2. Dating Opportunities
  3. Romance & Fun

There are plenty of ways to enjoy dating in Wyoming and we believe we have some really romantic and fun ways to prove it too. Maybe the rest of the country just needs more cowboy love!

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