I have long suspected this is true and now I have some science to back it up. Wyoming has officially been rated as one of the quietest places in America.

This may not be the most earth-shattering news you've ever heard (pun intended), but the National Park Service has officially rated Wyoming as the place to go if you want to get away from the noisy world. They have a Mapping Sound website which includes this map. Note that the bluer you are on their map, the quieter you are apparently.

National Park Service
National Park Service

Here's what the National Park Service did according to their official website:

Scientists made long term measurements of sound in parks as well as urban and rural areas across the country. This information helped predict current sound levels for the entire United States. A model was developed to understand relationships between measured sound levels and variables such as climate, topography, human activity, time of day, and day of year.

The deepest blues on the National Park Service map are located in our central parts of Wyoming. Why is that exactly? The answer is a little complicated. Since we are generally at a higher elevation and have less vegetation (Casper Mountain not included), they theorize that there are less sounds made by animals that gravitate toward the vegetation. Add to that the lack of larger populations in Wyoming and you get the idea of why we're so darn serene.

I can't think of one single Wyomingite that would want it any other way. Shh.

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