On Saturday September 25th, the Wyoming Rescue Mission had a special visitor for lunch, the Little Caesars 'Love Kitchen' visited to serve those in need.

Love Kitchen
Wyoming Rescue Mission via Facebook

The Wyoming Rescue Mission in Casper has been in operation since 1978 on CY avenue with the emergency rescue called "Soul's Anchor" ministering and helping the homeless in the Casper area. In 1991, the rescue was moved to the renovated Park Street Hotel, in the mid 90's Rescued Treasures thrift store was opened to help fund the mission and offer job opportunities to those that sought help. The Wyoming Rescue Mission has been growing to help those in need all across the state.

Love Kitchen Pizza
Wyoming Rescue Mission

According to the Rescue Mission's website Wyomission.org, if you or someone you know is going through a rough time, whether it be hunger, homeless, abuse or even addiction the mission is there to offer help through meals, shelter or even immediate care.

This mission that began as a small operation in the late 1970's has grown to serving nearly 65,000 meals, providing beds for over 45,000, providing clothing and funding to countless people in need.

This weekend those that are being helped by the mission got a very special surprise. Little Caesars "Love Kitchen" semi truck stopped in Casper to provide meals for all those that were in attendance. This unique restaurant on wheels was parked in front of the main shelter giving out free pizza to anyone that showed up. According to Little Caesars’ website,

Local franchise owners donate the resources needed to make each Love Kitchen stop a success.

Since 1985 the "Love Kitchen" has fed over 3 million people and has been honored by former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton for their charitable efforts in communities all over the country.

Little Caesars Love Kitchen
Wyoming Rescue Mission

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