Cheyenne’s Lake Absarraca Recreation Area near Frontier Park, features boating, fishing, pond, picnic facilities, and unofficially, hockey. With the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, I thought about Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell telling people to use care on the ice.

There is no such thing as safe ice. Ice conditions can fluctuate drastically over short times and distances. Always exercise caution and never become complacent.”

There are underwater springs and currents that can cause thin spots, as well as other factors to take into account.

When I saw some guys playing hockey on a day warm enough for no coat, I asked them if they were concerned about their safety. They said they had drilled a hole and measured 7 inches of ice, so it was “Game on!”

Further out, a few guys were doing quite well ice fishing for some of Absarraca’s trout. There would be fish for their dinner that night.


Enjoy Wyoming’s winter and abundant resources, but do it carefully. Staying safe while ice fishing takes a little common sense.

Know how thick the ice is. 4 inches will be safe for ice fishing and never take your vehicles onto the ice, according to Wyoming Game & Fish.

Wyoming Game And Fish
Wyoming Game And Fish

Avoid pressure ridges and large cracks, know that clear ice is stronger than white ice and use the buddy system.

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