The British Express newspaper conducted a survey recently and found that more women in the U.K. would rather... read a book than have sex.  Their poll was conducted in conjunction with the release of a new book called "Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses" by Carole Matthews and 1000+ women between the ages of 18 and 50 took part.

We conducted our own mini-survey to see what women in Wyoming would prefer if given the choice of reading a book, having a bath, having sex, spending time in the outdoors or engaging in arts and crafts.

In stark contrast to the survey conducted in the UK where only 8% of women would prefer having sex - 51% of Wyoming Women said they'd 'prefer to have sex' over reading a book or one of the other options presented.

23% of women in Wyoming said they'd prefer spending time in the outdoors.

14% of women said they'd rather read a book.

7% preferred the option of soaking in a bath tub.

5% said they'd prefer arts and crafts from the choices offered.

Ladies, let us know let us know your preference and answer our question below.


Source: Express

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