A new study from One Poll shows that bad bathroom habits can cause a strain on relationships.

As someone that has been married for almost 16 years I am well aware of the bathroom conflicts that can arise between partners.

First, there is the various "mess" that comes with two people sharing such a small yet busy place.

Wet towels are not hung up, remnants of shaving stubble are left on the sink, makeup is spread out on the counter, and hair clogging up the shower drain all immediately come to mind.

In the article from StudyFinds.org it says,

For men, researchers say the biggest issue was how much hair their partner left in the shower drain without cleaning it. For women, they were turned off by the mess and smells a boyfriend left behind in the toilet.

The article also goes on to say that "20 percent of the respondents admit to ending a relationship because of their ex’s bathroom habits."

It turns out that it's not just about the mess left behind either, but how much time each partner spends in the bathroom.

I assumed that women would be the biggest bathroom hogs, but I learned that's wrong.

Men are actually spending more time in the bathroom than women. According to the poll, men average about 13 minutes in the bathroom getting away from the stress of daily life. Women average only 11 minutes “de-stressing” in private.

Admittedly it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that uses the bathroom as a place to hide...though as a mom of 5 children it only works about 5 percent of the time.

We took to Facebook to ask YOU what you thought and the last time I checked your answers to the question "Would you end a relationship over bad bathroom habits?" were about the same as the above mentioned survey.

71 percent of you said no you would not end a relationship over bad bathroom habits, and 29 percent of you said you would.

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