Former Wyoming Senator, Alan Simpson is a man of many distinctions, however he lost the title of tallest senator in history on Thursday.

According to, Simpson took the news with a sense of humor,  “What son of a bitch did that?” he asked when reached by phone Thursday afternoon. Big words spoken to a guy with a two inch reach on the former senator. Simpson could be susceptible to a smooth easy left jab. Politics we all know is a dirty business even if you lose by just two inches. Richard Pryor taught us about two inches!

Maybe the fact that Luther Strange is a Republican, newly appointed to replace Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate softened the blow.

Simpson was quite taken with Strange's name, according to, “Oh, that’s quite a name right there,” Simpson said. “How tall is he?”

Strange is six feet nine inches tall, which means he has the former Wyoming senator by two inches and some years at 63. Simpson at 85, says he's shrunk to 6 feet 5 inches and according to was willing to give up his space in the stratosphere, I’m willing to relinquish that title with great energy and spirit,” Simpson said.

Wyomingites know and love Simpson for speaking his mind even if weighing in on Pop Culture icons names sometimes proves a little difficult.


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