Summer is upon us and nothing helps beat the heat like some delicious ice cream!  But when it comes to ice creams, not all are enjoyed equally!  So we set out to find Wyoming's favorite ice cream and the winner is:


The voting was extremely close and lots of folks wrote in their favorite flavors as they weren't on the list in our poll question.

Thanks to all who took time to vote!  Here are the results for Wyoming's Favorite ice cream flavor according to our very unscientific poll.

#5 Tie - Cherry Garcia, Rocky Road  (6% of the vote each)

#3 Tie - Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough (13% of the vote each)

#2 - Vanilla / French Vanilla (15% of the vote)

#1 - Mint Chocolate Chip (19% of the vote)

Write in favorites included:  Phish Food, Turtles, Sea Salt Caramel Crunch, Huckleberry and Black Walnut

What surprised us most was that Birthday Cake ice cream got (0) Zero votes!  Obviously you all need to stop into the marina at Glendo Reservoir and try a scoop!!  Trust us, it's Great!!

If you'd like to participate, you can still let us know your favorite ice cream flavor by answering our poll question below.  Now get out and enjoy some ice cream and beat the summer heat with a delicious treat!

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