Since 2009 we’ve actually had a National Vodka Day, October 4. Let's make this one all about the Cowboy State's biggest vodka distilleries, in case you like to buy Wyoming.

Did you know the Cowboy State has four distilleries producing five homegrown vodkas? Well, there have to more, smaller distilleries, but these are the biggies.

Koltiska Distillery“Koltiska Vodka” - Since the 1800s, over five generations of Koltiska have lived in Sheridan.

Grand Teton Distillery - “Grand Teton Vodka” - Actually it's made in Idaho, but just over the western slope of the peaks. And we are glad to be informed by the distillery Grand Teton Vodka is made with Wyoming sugar beets.

Jackson Hole Still Works - "Highwater Vodka" - It's from 100 percent Wyoming corn, oats and, of course, high water.

Backwards Distillery“Ringleader Vodka” - The Casper area Pollack family started this distillery in Mills not that long ago. Just their story is impressive. Backwards also makes our favorite vodka brand name“307 Vodka”

The co-owner and co-distiller of Jackson Hole Still Works Chas Marsh says:

“All of us (Wyoming’s different distillers) know each other well and all of us root for each other. Buy Wyoming!”


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