Shortly after Wyoming Governor Gordon's announcement to ease restrictions on businesses which would allow movie theaters to reopen on Friday (May 15th, 2020), WyoMovies stated they will not be opening just yet.

The announcements was made via the official WyoMovies Casper Facebook page which stated:

While we are appreciative of the governor's guidance that allows theatres to begin reopening, the limitation of 25 people in a theatre is not economically viable. We are planning to reopen when it's safe for us to welcome at least 50% of our auditorium's capacity. This will allow us to create the safe, fun viewing environment you have all come to expect. We're hopeful that this will happen in the next few weeks. Until then, stay safe out there Casper! #JustALittleWhileLonger #WorthTheWait

While some residents are disappointed in the decision, numerous people sounded off in the comments section of the initial post stating their approval of the theaters decision to wait awhile longer for the safety of the public.

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