As you may or may not know, I'm a retro gamer. I love new games, too, but have a passion for older video game, especially the 8-bit Nintendo. You can image my shock and awe when I found this yard sale selling his old NES games for only $1 each!

The good news is that they were only $1. The bad news is I already had most of them. Since I usually only buy what I need I ended up buying several for other retro collector friends of mine and left the rest for another yard saler. As this yard sale was posted in Craigslist so I knew others would show up eventually. As it turns out, I was right and another person, right when I was leaving, another retro gamer came up and freaked out and ended up buying most of the rest.

It was a great find and I hope I find many more people selling boxes of old video games. I'm always on the hunt!

What about you? Do you overshop at yard sales and thrift stores or do you only buy what you'll actually use? Let us know in the comments.