Yellowstone National Park officials have put out a news release to remind tourists not to approach, engage with, or otherwise irritate Bull Elk during mating season, which has started this month.

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Which makes sense. Nobody likes to be bothered when they're, erm, mating.

But Yellowstone continues to get tourists who struggle to follow the rules (which sometimes results in there being nothing left of them besides a foot), so officials have offered a few tips and guidelines when it comes to avoiding the elk when they're...busy.

The release stated that elk mating season, which is typically referred to as 'The Rut,' has begun in Yellowstone National Park. It also stated that Bull elk can be quite predictable, and dangerous.

"Stay alert!" the release warned. "People have been severely injured by elk. Elk run quickly and may change direction without warning."

Officials suggest that tourists always maintain a distance of at lease 25 yards, or the length of two school busses, from elk.

"Give them room, use your zoom," the release continued. "Never approach or pursue animals to take their picture. Zoom lenses with focal lengths up to 300mm-400mm offer a great combination of portability and reach."

Officials stated that if an elk charges you, you should quickly seek shelter in your vehicle or behind a tall, sturdy barrier. If that's not an option, run!

The release noted that tourists should follow directions from park rangers and that they are responsible for their own safety.

This was just one more reminder not to pet the fluffy cow.

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