Living in Wyoming, we are afforded many opportunities to experience sheer serenity. One of the best places to experience utter tranquility is Casper Mountain, and on Saturday the sounds of fall were upon us. Birds were singing, the wind was rustling leaves, and humans were screaming for their lives. That’s because on this day,  Casper Mountain was overrun with terrifying flesh-eating Zombies, all in the name of charity.

Hundreds of zombies and would-be victims gathered to run a 5K, with the proceeds benefitting Joshua’s Storehouse. The turnout was incredible, even more than what was expected, and everyone agreed that it was an incredible time for all who participated. The amount of money that was raised is still being disclosed, but with the number of giving-hearts (and guts, and brains as it were) that inhabit our town, one would imagine that the proceeds would at least match the number of “Of The Dead” movies that have been created over the years. Check out these pics from the event, and be never know when they may be "coming to get you."